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Аппарат узи

Portable ultrasound system with high processing speed. Compact, easy to operate, has a low weight.

Маммографическая система

MAMMOMAT 3000 Siemens Nova combines functions of screening and diagnostic systems in one device.

Аппарат узи

We can hear your needs, and our innovative ultrasonic apparatus satisfies them. These are just a few improvements of Voluson E8, the implementation of which improves the reliability of clinical decisions.

Радиохирургический аппарат

High-frequency radiowave surgery is a non-invasive method of cutting and coagulation of soft tissue using high frequency radio waves (3.8-4.0 MHz). The radio signal, which is transmitted by an "active" or "surgical" electrode, causes evaporation of the intracellular fluid and, consequently, tissue dissection or coagulation (depending on the selected waveform). High-frequency waves are absorbed by intracellular fluid, this reduces the risk of damage caused to surrounding organs and tissues.   

Motorized micro-manipulation system

For research inverted microscope OLYMPUS characterized by the highest optical quality provided by UIS optics world-class reliability and ease of use.

Laparoscopic Front

Laparoscopic Stand companies Storz presented combinations of devices necessary for operations. It includes insufflator CO2 multipolar generator, a light source, video camera monitors. Depending on the type of surgical energy can be supplemented by argon plasma installation, ultrasonic scalpel radiowave generator.